HY-BAR Training Center

One Ash Prix Caprilli, UD, GRCA-OD, Can-CD  (Golden)

Rachel was the only girl out of the Crumpet X Reggie litter born 3/8/1992.  She was returned just before she was one year old.  Linda became the co-owner with Elaine Brent, One Ash Kennels.  Rachel lived with us for about 2 years.  After coming into heat very quickly, she began her training.  She was very smart and learned quickly and retained everything.  She just wasn’t very fond of showing.  Linda put the CD, CDX and UD titles on her.  She took a second place on her third UD leg from the Utility-B class.  Because she was beautiful, compact and passed all her breeding clearances, we decided that she should be retired to becoming a brood bitch in 1995 after earning her UD title.  Rachel became a GRCA Outstanding Dam.  She was bred 3 times and produced many good dogs.  Elaine allowed Linda to be very involved in choosing sire and also placing these pups in performance homes.  After her last litter, Rachel was then placed in a loving home with a lady in her 80’s.  The lady went to our vet, who called Linda when she lost her golden.  Rachel lived a long, happy and content life with her. 

Rachel's Puppies

By OTCH Meadowponds Juss Tunin In, UDX  [born 1/5/1997]

  • MACH2 One Ash Audacious Diva, MX, MXJ, ADHF, AXP, MJP (SN41535608)
  • One Ash Shake Rattle N’ Roll, UD, OA, OAJ (SN41535601)
  • One Ash Annie, UD (SN41535607)
  • One Ash Chase The Rainbow, CDX, AX, MXJ (SN41535609)
  • One Ash Tuck It In, CDX (SN41535602)
  • One Ash Joey, CD (SN41535603)

By AM/Can CH & U-CDX Lemier’s Sunshine Bear, AM/Can CDX, OS [born5/12/1996]

  • MACH4 One Ash St. Pauli Girl, UD, RAE, MXB2, MJS3, ADHF, U-CDX (SN34830103)
  • MACH One Ash What’s On Tap, CDX, RN, MX, MXJ, AXP, AJP, (SN34830101)  Owned by Linda MacDonald
  • One Ash High Plains Drifter, UD (SN34830104)
  • One Ash Sunny Delight, UD, WC (SN34830109)
  • One Ash Pretzel MacDonald, AX, AXJ, OAP, OJP (SN34830102)

By CH Celestial Sirius Jake, CDX, JH, WC, VC, OS, SDHF [born6/14/1999]

  • OTCH One Ash Keep On Trucking, UDX17, RE, OS, OBHF (SN66295001)  Owned by Dave Maurer and is the father of “Buster”, One Ash Dave and Buster, second place in the NOI 2012 and AKC Classic second place 2013.
  • One Ash Flash On Tap, CD,  U-CDX  (SN66295002)
  • Can CH One Ash Dallas Keegan QLB, CDX, Can UD, WC, Can WCI, JH, VC (SN66295003)