RACH High Times Smooth Sauce RM2 RAE2 CGCU CGCA FDC   Born 6-6-22 (Linda's girl)

Butter was bred and raised by Bridget Carlsen of High Times Goldens. She comes from a litter of 6, 2 boys and 4 girls. She is very athletic, a quick learner and very smart and biddable. Linda is having fun training her and watching her grow.

She earned her CGC, CGCA & CGCU on the first try. She then went on to earn the 2 qualifying scores for her AKC FDC Farm Dog Certificate.

Butter at just 9 months old entered the AKC Rally ring. She earned her RN on April 29, 2023 and her RA on June 4, 2023 and her RE on June 24, 2023 finishing in style with a first place score of 100++++ winning on time.


HY-BAR Training Center